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Treatments – Body

Crystal Clear Micro Dermabrasion Medical & Clinic Treatments

Cellulite & body contouring treatment - 30 mins

£ 45.00

You will get 2 cleanses, then using different settings we can increase collagen and smooth out these imperfections.

Correction treatment for stretch marks and scaring

£ 35.00

You will get 2 cleanses, then using different settings we can increase collagen and encourage skin cell rejuvenation.

Back shine - 30 mins

£ 45.00

Suffer from rough, dry or acne prone back. This is perfect get 2 cleanses and MDA with cream to follow.

The back treatment - 60 mins

£ 57.00

This deluxe treatment you will get 2 cleanses, intense MDA, small massage and a choice of creams.

Silhouette Diamond Dermabrasion - Medical & Clinic Treatments

Half leg Dermabrasion

£ 45.00

Full Leg Dermabrasion

£ 50.00

Back Dermabrasion

£ 37.00

The full body relaxation massage is designed to get the circulation, digestion and karma flowing correctly through the body. This massage includes the legs, stomach, full back, chest, arms, shoulders, neck and a light head massage. 45 mins

Half Arm Dermabrasion

£ 37.00

Full Arm Dermabrasion

£ 50.00

Dead Sea Mineral Mud Wraps Salon Treatments

The dead sea’s rich black mineral mud was created through the erosion of sedimentary clay from mountains to the sea. This mineral mud has a natural cleansing ability, it effectively removes excess oils and impurities from the skin. Before having this mineral mud you will get the treatment area exfoliated to ensure the best result from the mineral mud wrap.

Dead Sea mineral mud full body wrap

£ 110.00

Dead Sea mineral mud half body wrap

£ 70.50

Dead Sea mineral mud express hand treatment

£ 25.00

Dead Sea mineral mud express foot treatment

£ 30.00

Dead Sea mineral salt express hand treatment

£ 19.00

Dead Sea mineral salt express foot treatment

£ 24.00

Harley Body Wrap Salon Treatments

The Harley Body Wrap system is primarily a detox wrap with added benefits of massive inch loss between 5—20 inches. The gel used detox’s the system by drawing out impurities, increasing the metabolism and improving the immune system. The added benefits are firmer, toned and hydrated skin. Helps dry skin conditions and balances the skins natural PH balance. For a better result 3—9 treatments are recommended depending on the client’s needs.

Full body wrap

£ 168.00

Half a Body Wrap

£ 107.00

Course of Three Full Body Wraps

£ 594.00

Course of Three Half Body Wraps

£ 321.00