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The ‘red carpet’ facial wowing the celebs!

The ‘red carpet’ facial wowing the celebs!

Katie Price has been raving about the Comcit H20 Glow Treatment by Crystal Clear Skincare – we are pleased to say that we offer this amazing treatment at Aesthetica skincare our clinic in South Derbyshire!


One of our long-standing customers came in this week to try it out, and kindly offered to write this review for you all to read:


Gayle told me about this facial which claims to be Crystal Clear’s most intense hydration treatment yet, giving ‘red carpet ready’ results. How can you not be tempted by that promise?!

So, this is how it went!


The treatment takes 2-3 hours in total, starting with a thorough cleansing of the skin with a foamy cleanser.

Gayle then used the Crystal Clear equipment to apply freezing cold oxygen to my face, one area at a time. A collagen serum is applied to the face at the same time as the oxygen. This procedure penetrates deep down into the skin, the ‘epidermis’, and actually stimulates the production of collagen in your skin.

This process was repeated 3 times over the entire face and neck – it wasn’t painful, just a little strange but you soon get used to it. Gayle is great in that she talks to you the whole time to explain what she’s doing and why, and what you should expect to feel.


After this, the COMCIT roller is used over the face and neck. This is a roller with a tiny needle which again is a little uncomfortable to begin with but not painful. I was told that this allows Hyaluronic Acid to reach deep into the skin (the dermal layers) via ‘micro-channels’. This is intended to plump and re-balance the skin from the inside out.


Once this bit was complete, a soothing mask was applied and left on for about 30 minutes (very relaxing!) and then peeled off. After giving me little sprits of crystal clear Rejuvenation Tonic, I was all done! I couldn’t wait to get up off the bed and inspect the results!


And I am pleased to say I was delighted – my face was a little red but looked much healthier and plumper – the lines I have on my forehead and eyes were definitely reduced.


I was advised not to apply anything to my face for the rest of the day, and to avoid exercise because sweating would irritate my face.


She also told me that the results continue to improve for 2 weeks and I have to say, my skin has felt great! The redness went down the following day – so I would avoid having this treatment before a night out or special occasion – have it at least a day before.



The recommendation is to have this facial once a fortnight if possible, and with every treatment the results are supposed to get better and better.



If you’re tempted to give this a go, we are offering this treatment for £75, or £xxx or a course of 12.

Click here to find out more or book now.





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