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Get rid of that annoying unwanted hair once and for all, with Crystal Clear IPL

Get rid of that annoying unwanted hair once and for all, with Crystal Clear IPL



Unwanted hair is an irritating problem for many of us, men and women alike. We often deal with it by waxing or shaving, which is only a short term fix to the problem.

Our Crystal Clear IPL (Intensive Pulse Light) treatments offer a safe, painless and effective way to permanent hair reduction – so what are you waiting for?

How does Crystal Clear IPL work?

It works by producing a pulse of high-intensity light that will eradicate the root of the hair, without damaging the surrounding skin. The heat fully destroys the hair follicle, preventing further regrowth of the hair.

What areas can laser hair removal be used on?

The treatment can be used all over the body, in large and small areas, including areas of the face, arms, back, bikini line, legs, underarms and so on.

What is the cost and how many treatments will I need?

Treatment costs start at £30 – see our full list here (hyperlink).   A course of treatments is recommended, we will discuss this with you at your consultation which is required before we start the treatments.

What results can I expect to see?

Basically, with a course of treatments we can remove the hair completely, and also ensure it stays that way and won’t grow back.


Let me share the words of one of our clients, John, who had this treatment to remove hair from his scalp:

“I was so sick of shaving my head, I saw the advert for IPL and went for a consultation at Aesthetica  Skincare Clinic. I had 10 treatments altogether. After the first one you could see a difference – it’s amazing treatment.”


John before                                                                                     John after





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